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run and move assessment

What is involved in an Assessment?

Running and movement analysis can improve performance, prevent injury and ensure optimal rehabilitation and recovery.

lower half of a guy wearing shorts and running shoes, a little lopsided as he's injured

Joint Range and Quality of Motion

It is important to access the positions that joints can reach as well as the quality of the movement. Joints accessed include feet, ankles, knees, and hips if applicable.

Muscle Strength

Muscles are responsible for moving joint into and out of positions. By testing strength, it enables us to access your ability to move. Muscles accessed include arches, lower leg, and upper leg if applicable.

Man's shoe in running position
woman is two different standing postures, one as slouching and one as standing upright

Standing Assessment

It is important to assess standing posture to give an indication of structural position and the forces that may be acting upon these structures. We will also assess dynamic movements during standing movement such as:

Walking/Running Assessment

It is important to understand how people move. Many people unevenly load structures due to their positioning. We use a treadmill and visual gait analysis of the following:

woman running on a treadmill
putting foot inserts in a pink nike shoe

Footwear Assessment

Footwear can help or hinder feet. Therefore, it is important to discuss styles of footwear and what is appropriate for the individual.

Remember all feet are different so footwear is specific to the individual.